A Closer Look At Acupuncture

It’s very common to have patient’s curiosity light up when they are lying on a treatment table and their body is decorated with tiny pins (needles) at what seems to be very interesting locations throughout the body. 
Ever wonder why it is that you came in for elbow pain, and your acupuncturist has focused most pins on the opposite knee?  Or you have an angry headache, and your feet have most pins in them?


At this moment in time is where we get most questions about what it is that we are doing, and how these tiny needles at very intriguing locations are helping their body kick start their self-healing process.   
It is very fair and understandable to be curious and inquisitive.  Acupuncture is not exactly a concept we grow up with here in the west, and the notion of the Chinese Medicine theory is very culturally foreign to us. 
What happens in an Acupuncture treatment
As your practitioner, the goal is to find out your main concern for your visit and find the most effective and personalized point prescription for your body.  Once a treatment focus has been established, time is taken to understand your entire body better, and to come to an understanding of why it is that you may be experiencing this concern. 
The root of the problem is of great importance.
To do so, an understanding is needed of how the rest of your body is functioning 
·         Digestive system
·         Urinary system
·         Circulation
·         Temperature
·         Immune system
·         Respiratory system
·         Mood swings
·         Menstruation
·         Predominant Emotions
·         Ears, eyes and nose
·         Musculoskeletal system
·         Sleep
·         Energy levels, and so on..
The better we understand you, the more effectively we can treat you and the happier your body will be post-treatment!
Let’s talk pin locations
With a better understanding of the treatment approach, let’s touch-up on the mysterious chosen acupuncture point locations. 
All acupuncture points have very specific functions according to the meridian that they lie on, and it’s placement on the body.  Most of the time the perfect acupuncture point for your symptoms may lie on a completely different area than may seem logical.  So don’t be discouraged, we are still very much focusing on the best treatment for you!  As a basic general rule, opposites areas may be most effective.  So suddenly, having pins in your feet may make a bit more sense.  This is to drain the energy from the top body, and bring it down to relieve the excess accumulating in your head.  The body can also be effectively mirrored.  If the pain in your elbow is acute, swollen and painful, a practitioner may chose to use mirroring points on your opposite knee or elbow (both as mirroring options) in order to effectively treat you and avoid the painfully swollen area.   
With an open and inquisitive mind your Acupuncture treatments will be most enjoyable, informative and effective.  Asking questions throughout the treatment is a great opportunity for me to help you understand the process of your healing through Acupuncture.  
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