Acupuncture FAQ's

Is Acupuncture covered on my extended benefits plan and do I need a doctors referral ?
Acupuncture is covered on most extended health / benefits plans. You should contact your provider to determine your level of coverage. Some plans are unlimited, some cover a percentage of the cost of treatment and some have a maximum limit per year. You should also find out if you require a doctor's referral to use your coverage.
Visit our links page for contact information for extended health insurance providers in BC
Do you bill my extended benefits plan directly ?
We don't do any direct billing for private insurance providers. You will be given a receipt for the cost of your treatment that can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement.
We do bill ICBC, MSP, Veterans Affairs, RCMP and Canadian Forces directly for Acupuncture. Please call us for details
What can I expect in my initial acupuncture treatment ?
An initial consultation includes an in depth health history review, taking the pulse on both arms and inspection of the tongue. Based on the results of this assessment, acupuncture treatment is highly individualized and treatment focus will vary depending on the patient’s treatment goals and expectations. Diet and lifestyle modifications may be discussed treatement, as well as an appropriate treatment plan.
What is Acupuncture ?
Acupuncture is a 5000 year old technique which involves the stimulation of very specific Acupuncture points on the body through a range of techniques. Usually hair-thin metallic disposable needles are inserted, but other techniques such as acupressure, massage or moxibustion are used as well. 
Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Massage (Tui Na) and diet therapy are the practices which group together to make up what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. More Information

Does Acupuncture hurt ?

Acupuncture is not a practice, which should be associated with pain. In most cases a treatment will be entirely painless. However, slight discomfort may be felt as the practitioner is inserting the needle, but in most cases patients won’t recall even feeling the insertion.   Practitioners are trained to make it as painless as possible, yet sensation of a needle is not to be associated as negative. Having sensation (not pain) of the needle may be important for therapeutic effect. Such feelings may include a dull sensation, an electric current, heat/warmth, and relaxation. If discomfort is felt, the practitioner may remove that particular needle, or re-try the insertion of the needle for a better and smoother sensation.


Is Acupuncture safe ?
Acupuncture is a very safe therapeutic procedure. Acupuncture practitioners in BC are extremely well trained to ensure that your well-being and safety are never compromised. 
During or after a treatment, you may experience slight bruising, electrical current sensations, faint feeling, temporary numbness in certain areas, but very rarely and most certainly nothing more than the above mentioned. 
Disposable, one-time use only needles are mandatory, and are therefore the only method of using acupuncture needles in Canada.
Will Acupuncture work for me ?
As an acupuncturist, we understand that most patients typically seek acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy to enhance the health care they are receiving, or because standard therapies, medications, and or other treatments have been ineffective. Others may seen a more natural treatment form as a way to regain control of their health. 
And because Acupuncture is a fairly new concept to the west, it is understandable to have questions about whether it will work for you and your health concerns.
Today more than ever, people seek help from acupuncture because it:
Relieves pain
Regulates and strengthens the activity of the internal organs
Helps normalize functional disorders
Boost the immune system
Calms the mind, relieves anxiety and nervousness
Is incredibly effective for stress
Relaxes and strengthens the muscular skeletal syste
Reduces nicotine and general addictions
Integrates extremely well with other traditional medical care
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