Basic Crunch

Target Muscle Group Description & Cues Start Position Finish Position
Rectus Abdominus
Basic Crunch
-Start laying face up with your knees bent.
-Never anchor down your feet as this changes the focus of the exercise to your hip flexors (primarily the psoas, which can strain your lower back).
-You can support the back of your neck th your hands, but don't use your arms to pull your head forward.
-You can also have your arms at your sides or crossed over your chest.
-Tuck your chin in, keeping the back of your neck long so as to protect your neck.
-There should be a slight curve in your lower back but not a large space. Tilt your pelvis back and forth to find a neutral pelvis.
-Engage your core
-Breath in, and as you exhale roll up with control until your shoulder blades come off the floor. Don't use momentum.
-Hold for 2-3 seconds and release with control


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