Chest / Pec Stretches

Target Muscle Group Description & Cues Unilateral Bilateral
Pectoralis Major
Pectoralis Minor
Anterior Deltoid
Pec Stretch in a Doorway
-This stretch can be done one side at a time, or both at the same time. I personally prefer both as it is more time efficient and stretches the connective tissue across the sternum as well.
-Your arm should be at about 90 degrees at the shoulder with your forarms and palms flat against the door frame.
-Step or lean forward until you feel a GENTLE stretch across the chest
-Keep your head in a neutral position, don't let it travel forward
-Try putting your arm up to about 120 degrees at the shoulder to stretch the lower muscle fibres of the Pec Major and the Pec Minor.
-Hold for 30sec-1minute, repeat on opposite side if doing unilaterally.


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