Detoxification and Cleansing


Detoxify your body and feel the difference.

Get a tailored detoxification plan to increase your energy, lose weight, improve digestion, improve skin and so much more.

Detoxification programs include:

    Nutritional modifications
    Specific botanical remedies
    Replenishing key vitamins and minerals
    Supporting and tonifying the liver, kidney and digestive system
    Eliminating sources of inflammatory foods and chemicals in your life
    Balanced lifestyle modifications

Naturopathy looks at how the entire body works together to ensure a smooth flow of energy, healthy lymphatic and circulatory systems, proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients and by supporting key players including the liver, kidney, and skin.

  •     Weight loss
  •     Increased energy
  •     Glowing skin
  •     Healthy digestion
  •     Increased focus, mood and concentration
  •     Reduced inflammation
  •     Pain management

Detoxification is a term that is used imprecisely and frequently in our health conscious society. Typically, detox programs involve increasing fiber while taking herbal preparations that target specific organs and stimulate elimination. Good detox programs should also take into account unique dietary needs, health challenges, possible drug interactions with the herbal supplements and the elimination of inflammatory foods. Skin, as the largest organ in the body, should also be properly cared for during this time. Hydrotherapy, skin brushing, acupunture and massage techniques can be extremely beneficial for total body detoxification. Finally, it is equally important to establish a healthy lifestyle maintenance protocol for long-term health once you have completed your detox; otherwise you will find yourselft back at square one.

With so many products and misinformation out there, it is no wonder people feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. What is most important to consider is that every person has individual needs and therefore requires an individual detoxification plan. For instance, popular juice fasts are often undertaken with no medical supervision and can result in uncomfortable side effects, blood sugar imbalances and energy lows if not done correctly. These types of detox programs are quick fixes that often lead to energy crashes and food binges from nutritional deprivation. A proper detoxification program takes into account your unique nutritional habits, lifestyle and health challenges to create a foundation for long-term health. Detoxification programs can help you increase your energy, mood, digestion and overall wellness. If you are considering a detoxification program for the spring or summer, please take the time to get a proper program that is designed for your specific health needs.  

This program involves a 75 minute inital Naturopathic consultation and two follow-up consultations. The program aims to understand all health history, medications, lifestyle and dietary factors. A personalized detoxification program will then be established including a detailed nutritional plan, botanical support, and hydrotherapy guidelines to help stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation.

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