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Therapeutic Exercise


Exercise is a very important factor in achieving overall health and wellness. The majority of our treatment plans

include homecare exercises.The purpose of these exercises is to correct any postural or muscular imbalances,

which are usually the underlying cause of musculoskeletal problems. RMT's  often recommended specific exercises

for their patients to do at home. These are important for:


-Maintaining treatment progress

-Correcting muscle imbalances

-Improving posture

-Decreasing pain & tension


Always consult a healthcare professional (registered massage therapist, physiotherapist, kinesiologist,

personal trainer, etc.) before starting a new exercise routine. The information listed below is intended to be

a resource for patients of Victoria Massage Therapy Ltd. to review their home care exercises. If any exercises

cause pain, STOP them immediately and consult your RMT.



Aerobic Exercise/Cardiovascular Training

Resistance / Weight Training

Core Stability


Demonstration of exercises courtesy of
Shannon Van Ember
Person Trainer and Founder of Achieve Fitness
"As a personal trainer, Shannon believes that with the right
education and motivation she can help everyone achieve
and exceed their own specific goal."
We sincerely agree with this philosophy and highly
recommend her services to all our patients.
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