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Office Ergonomics
Office Ergonomics
Many of today’s workplaces are recipes for musculoskeletal and repetitive strain disasters. Thankfully, it’s all preventable. Avoid personal injury with the following information on ergonomics in the office. The human- centred focus of ergonomics can help improve safety, efficiency and overall quality of life.
There is no singular body position that is recommended for sitting. This is because prolonged sitting (or any kind of sedentary, fixed position) is not recommended at all. Sitting may be relaxing for the legs, but it actually increases the pressure on the spinal discs. Unfortunately, sitting down for long periods of time also leads to compression of tissues, especially in the spinal column, muscle fatigue, reduction in metabolism, reduced blood circulation and

18 Flat Belly Foods...                                                             Read Full Article

Grapefruit: Increases the body’s digestive enzymes
Blueberries: High in antioxidants this superfood helps fight fat and reduce blood pressure
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter: Full of protein and fibre as well as poly and monounsaturated fats
Acupuncture for Stress
Article By: Verena McCrae, Reg'd Acupuncturist
Acupuncture for Stress
Recently several medical studies have shown the relationship between high stress levels and its effect on decreasing health.  In Chinese Medicine, there is no doubt that stress has adverse effects on our health, as it disrupts the smooth flow of qi and eventually blood flow within the body, causing stagnation.
Adrenal Fatigue
Article By: Dr. Watkins, ND
Adrenal Fatigue

Do You Suffer From
Adrenal Fatigue?

  • Weight gain in the abdomen or triceps area that is difficult to lose
  • Cravings for sweets and carbs
  • Frequent illness
  • Poor circulation
  • Insomnia - difficulty falling asleep
  •  Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Mood disorders: depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Allergies
  • Irritable bowel or digestive concerns
  • Palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Low blood pressure
Summer is here and many of us are out in the garden. For many of us, the long winter months are spent in anticipation and planning for award winning gardens. However, few of us have spent much time getting ourselves into shape for the coming season. With gardening growing in popularity, we see more injuries than ever seen before. Here are some safety tips to help you prevent injury and enjoy your time outdoors....
Sunscreen: It's important to protect your skin from over exposure to the sun, including both UVA and UVB rays, but have you thought about protecting yourself from the harmful ingredients in most sunscreens? Here is a list of 12 toxic ingredients to avoid when choosing sunscreen, and any other beauty/hygiene products: Sunscreen

Coal tar dyes: p-phenylenediamine and colours listed as
"CI" followed by a five digit number
DEA-related ingredients
Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance)
Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance)
Sodium laureth sulfate
PEG compounds
Dibutyl phthalate
For more information on the harmful
effects of these ingredients visit:
Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, roughness, dark under eye circles and uneven tone (colouration) are often accepted as inevitable parts of the aging process, and are thought to be a matter of genetics and lifetime ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Research is beginning to unravel this rather simplistic view. It is becoming clear that facial skin represents an excellent surrogate marker for internal health and lifestyle wellness through the aging process....
Its spring and you’re out running and enjoying sun and physical activity. Let’s talk about how to minimize aches and pains, recover faster and enjoy more and better running.
Healthy Running
Impact and Alignment
Every foot fall sends impact forces through your body. How well you are aligned will dictate how many and how severe those post-workout “hot spots” will be. Starting with the feet, we need to consider running style and footwear. What style or technique do you use? Forefoot? Mid-foot? Heel-toe?....

It’s very common to have patient’s curiosity light up when they are lying on a treatment table and their body is decorated with tiny pins (needles) at what seems to be very interesting locations throughout the body. 
Ever wonder why it is that you came in for elbow pain, and your acupuncturist has focused most pins on the opposite knee?  Or you have an angry headache, and your feet have most pins in them?

 At this moment in time is where we get most questions about what it is that we are doing, and how these tiny needles at very intriguing locations are helping their body kick start their self-healing process.   

It is very fair and understandable to be curious and inquisitive.  Acupuncture is not exactly a concept we grow up with here in the west, and the notion of the Chinese Medicine theory is very culturally foreign to us. 
What happens in an Acupuncture Treatment....
There is a lot of focus on cleansing the body around this time of year. Detoxification can be a valuable process for weight loss, improved energy, increased focus, glowing skin and reduced inflammation to name a few benefits. As an experienced Naturopathic Doctor, I have seen many "fad" detox plans and cleanses move through the media and market place over the years. Some have value but in general many are quick fix solutions that basically consist of mild laxative formulas and low dose herbal blends with questionable therapeutic benefit.
Cleansing with Naturopathic Medicine
I believe that true detoxification with lasting results is founded on basic principles of clean anti-inflammatory based nutrition, hydrotherapy and exercise to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as some key herbal supports that are unique to the patients particular needs. 
It takes time. We should not expect a 1 week strict detox to undo perhaps years of poor lifestyle habits.
There is also one other essential part of the equation that is frequently overlooked....
Gluten Free and Vegan Lifestyle
A lot of people are opting for a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle. Many also take it another step further and also eliminate soy (a common food allergen).  For some, this is the ultimate diet to support optimal nourishment, low inflammation potential, ethical and environmental consciousness.
This type of lifestyle takes dedication and preparation. It is a lifestyle more than just a diet and ultimately becomes part of one's identity.
One of the keys to success is learning to prepare simple and delicious meals so that when life is busy, nourishing and filling foods are available. Some great tips include...

Inflammation is a complex process that occurs in response to injury or infection (such as physical trauma, pathogens, chemicals, irritants and exposure to allergens). Inflammatory reactions involve both the vascular and immune systems causing a range of symptoms including redness, swelling, heat and ulceration. In the body, inflammation can present as skin rashes, digestive disorders, joint pain and swelling, urinary conditions, hormonal imbalances and vascular disorders.
Chronic inflammation is strongly linked to many disease processes including...
Tumeric for Inflammation

Effects of Poor Sleep
Poor sleep patterns affect every aspect of our state of health and life experience. Feeling tired, drained and unfocused will affect the actions we take on a day to day basis such as dietary choices, exercise routines (or lack thereof), interactions with others and work performance. Specifically, lack of sleep is linked to....
Stiff muscles definitely benefit from a rub down, but scientists have never quite known why. Now, a team of researchers has shown that it works by changing your gene expression — quite literally, your body is hard-coded to release pain-easing chemicals when you're massaged....
ICBC Massage Coverage
Until recently, coverage for patient's seeking massage therapy after an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) was limited by ICBC to a maximum of 12 treatments over an 8 week period starting from the date of the accident. After this coverage had run out, ICBC would not accept any applications for extended coverage even if both the patient's RMT and MD agreed it was indicated.
Subsequent to the Raguin vs. ICBC court decision in November 2011, ICBC implemented new coverage for massage therapy treatments. The first six items (below in bold) reflect this new coverage....
When we are taking care of ourselves we give our bodies the opportunity to function in a greater and healthier state.  We are also preventing our bodies from easily being injured through our activities.  
Think of Qi (or our vital energy) as our life juice.  It flows through our blood, and through each tissue in our body.  If for any reason there’s a lack of Qi, or nourishment to a certain part of your body – then that area may be prone to injury or complaint.  Picture a kink in your garden hose. The lack of water/nourishment to the plants may cause them to dry out and whither away. These kinks may happen for various reasons such as:
  • Previous injuries/ trauma
  • Long-term tension/ repeated postures
  • Tight muscles
  • Poor circulation
Acupuncture Chart
Pericardium 6 or Inner Pass (PC6, Neiguan) is one of the most well-known, highly researched and often utilized Acupuncture points. It is indicated to calm the spirit and regulate the heart, making it useful for conditions like heart pain, palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, fear, mania, nausea and menstrual irregularities to name a few. How can one little point benefit so many vastly different conditions? Because it works to treat the underlying cause and common denominator of most illnesses: stress....
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