Massage Therapy FAQ's
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Massage Therapy FAQ's

What is a Registered Massage Therapist ?

In BC, Registered Massage Therapists must successfuly complete a 3000 hour training program including 1000 hours of clinical hands-on experience. They are highly trained in many areas of alternative medicine including orthopedic and postural assessment, neurology, pathology, anatomy and physiology. They use treatment modalities like myofascial release, muscle energy techique, joint mobilizations, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation, manual lymph drainage, neuromuscular techniques and swedish massage. RMT's are also trained to recognize when treatment may be contraindicated or when precautions should be taken with certain health conditions. For example, applying heat to the torso of a person with hypertension can cause their blood pressure to rise and therefore increases risk of stroke and heart attack.

After an extensive 3 year program all practitioners are required to complete a board-certified examination  which is administered by the College of Massage Therapists of BC in accordance with the Health Professionals Act of BC. These rigorous standards are in place to ensure that only qualified and knowledgable healthcare professionals may use the designation "Registered Massage Therapist." In order to maintain their registration RMT's must take part in continuing education courses.

All RMT's have a unique practitioner number.  This number is required by extended health plans to reimburse the patient for treatment provided by the RMT. Many extended health plans include massage therapy. You should check with your provider to determine your coverage.
What types of injuries and conditions are treated with massage therapy ?
Registered Massage Therapists treat many musculoskeletal conditions ranging from lower back pain to carpal tunnel to headaches. Below is a list of some conditions most commonly and affectively treated with massage therapy. If you have specific questions regarding a symptom please call or email us to inquire. We are happy to answer your questions.
Back & Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Sprain (ligament tear)
Pes Planus (flat feet)
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
TMJ Dysfunction
Strain (muscle tear)
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel
Knee Pain
Postural Dysfunction
Is massage therapy covered on my extended benefits plan and do I need a doctors referral
There are a variety of extended health plans available via MSP, Greenshield, Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sun Life Financial, Manulife Insurance and more. Some of these plans have a maximum number of treatments per year, others have a maximum dollar amount per year. You should check with your provider to confirm your coverage for the specific type of treatment you are planning to start.
Most extended health plans do not require you to have a doctor's referral, but it's best to check with your provider before your appointment.

If you have been in a recent car accident and plan to use your ICBC coverage, you DO need an MD (Medical Doctor's) Referral before you come to your first appointment.
Click here for contact information for major insurance providers in BC
Do you bill my extended benefits plan directly ?
Unfortunately we do not bill any private insurance providers directly. You will be given a receipt for the cost of your treatment which can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement.
We do bill MSP, ICBC, Veterans Affiars, RCMP and Canadian Forces directly. Please call us for details
I've been in a recent car accident. Is my treatment covered by ICBC ?
ICBC has recently changed it's policies covering massage therapy related to an MVA. For full article Click Here.
ICBC is regulated to pay a minimum 12 treatments but has the discretion to authorize further therapy (up to 20 treatments). A request for more than 12 treatments is given if further therapy is recommended by an MD, and again the treatments are deemed to be reasonable and necessary. An MD referral is no longer necessary for the first 12 treatments.
We do bill ICBC directly for registered massage therapy.  ICBC will pay $23.00 per treatment. For more information please call us at 250-590-5221.
What can I expect in my first massage therapy treatment ?
Depending on the type of massage you are coming in for your experience will vary slightly. For example, relaxation massage requires very little assessment. A therapeutic or sport massage will likely require more thorough assessment. We try very hard to get you on the table as quickly as possible to give you maximum value for your time.

In your first treatment you can expect a thorough review of your health history, orthopedic and postural assessment, treatment/ massage, homecare exercise prescription and a recommended treatment plan. Your RMT will explain exactly how to get on the table and answer any questions you may have. It is custumary to disrobe, but not required. If you do choose to disrobe you will be covered by a sheet and blanket and only the area being treated will be undraped.

It is important that you communicate with your RMT about the depth of treatment you are looking for and what your treatment goals are. Your RMT will choose which techniques to use to help you achieve those goals, whether they be therapeutic or relaxation focused.

If you`ve never experienced massage therapy and have any questions please don`t hesitate to call or email. We`re happy to answer your questions, with no obligation to book and appointment.
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