Matthew Crotty, RMT

Matthew Crotty, Registered Massage Therapist

Matthew Crotty
Update Jan 1st, 2016: Matthew has moved his practice to 601 Superior Street. Click here to book an appointment with Matthew at his new location.
Matthew graduated from the WCCMT 3000 hour registered massage therapy program in December 2006 and completed his College of Massage Therapist Board Exams in April 2007.

He has practiced as an RMT in several diverse settings, including local award winning spa; Le Spa Sereine;  interdisciplinary clinic Cloverdale Center for Health and at Shelbourne Physiotherapy. He has been a founding member of the Victoria Massage Therapy and Health Solutions team since 2010.

This combination of clinical and spa experience has given him a broad range of skills and knowledge to draw from. He has developed many valuable relationships within the health and wellness community which have been enormously beneficial to his growth as a healthcare professional, his practice and his treatments with patients.  His treatment style strikes a balance between thorough clinical assessment and treatment, while incorporating relaxation techniques.

He is very inspired and grounded by the type of work he is able to provide his patients and share with his co-therapists.  He is very happy to be working with such a diverse and dynamic group of people and disciplines and enjoys the synergy and learning opportunities it offers.


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