Quad / Thigh Strengthening Exercises

Target Muscle Group Decription & Cues Start Position Finish Position
Quadracep Group/
-Start in a standing position
-Take a step forward
-Lower your body straight down toward the floor
-Make sure your front knee does not travel farther forward than your foot, as this puts excessive strain on the ligaments and connective tissue surrounding the knee joint
-Use your front leg to push your body back up into the start position
-Repeat on other side
-You can hold a table or wall for extra stability
-You can hold free weights in your hand to make this exercise harder.
-This exercise is not ideal for people with pre-existing knee problems
-8-10 reps, 2-3 sets or as otherwise recommended by your RMT.
Quadraceps Group / Thighs
-Start standing with your feet shoulder wide apart and your toes pointed straight forward
-Engage your core
-Squat down to a level that is comfortable for you
-Don't squat lower than 90 degrees at the knee
-Don't allow your knees to travel farther forward than you toes
-You can hold free weights in your hands with your arms at your sides to make this exercise harder
-You can choose to hold this stance until your quads fatigue or perform repetitions
-8-10 reps, 2-3 sets or as otherwise recommended by your RMT.


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