Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy
Our RMT's provide therapeutic, relaxation and sport massage in a warm and welcoming clinical environment. Each treatment is unique to the needs of the patient. Your RMT will review your health history and treatment goals in a short interview at the beginning of your first appointment. Some treatment goals are more complex than others and may require some orthopedic and postural assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms.

RMT's are trained in a variety of techniques and will likely use a combination of them in your treatment. (Please see below for a description of treatment techniques). Whether you are coming in for a relaxation massage or treatment of an injury, it is important to give your therapist feedback about the depth of pressure they are using. Deeper is not always better and the saying "no pain, no gain" is completely inaccurate.
Homecare exercises and a treatment plan may be recommended for you.
Registered Massage Therapists in BC are the most highly trained in all of North America. They are regulated by the CMTBC (College of Massage Therapists of BC) and the MTABC (Massage Therapists Association of BC).

Techniques Used By Registered Massage Therapists

Myofascial Release: MFR is a technique applied to both the fascial connective tissue and muscles. Fascia is a web of connective tissue intertwined between all other parts of the body. It surrounds and supports all the organs, bones, joints, vasculature, nerves and muscles of the body. Fascia doesn't contract, like muscles do, but it can become adhered. Adhesions are areas where the fascia is "stuck" and restrict range of motion, cause postural dysfunctions and cause pain... More >>>

Trigger Point Release: A trigger point is essentially a "knot" in a muscle or fascia that is locally painful and may refer pain to a distant site. For example there are TP's in the trapezius muscle that refer pain up the posterior neck and into the head... More>>>

Contract Relax/ PNF Stretching: This technique is used to gain length in shortened muscles, therefore increasing range of motion and flexibility. The therapist takes the target muscle to the point of a gentle stretch. The patient is asked to contract against resistance provided by the...More >>>

Muscle Energy Technique: Muscle Energy Technique is used by massage therapists to correct alignment of the spine, hips and ribs. It's a wonderful alternative to chiropractic. The therapist puts the patient into a specific position and then cues contraction of specific muscles against resistance to gently pull the bone back into alignment. MET is used to treat back pain, headaches, sciatica, rib subluxation and more.
Joint Mobilizations: Range of motion can be restricted by the muscles surrounding a joint or within the joint itself. Joint Mobilizations are used to increase range of motion directly at the joint by releasing restrictions and adhesions in the joint capsule and ligaments.
Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage: Swedish massage is used to manipulate blood flow and release restrictions in muscles. It consists of long, flowing strokes of varying depth and rate. When muscles become tight and adhesed there is a decrease in nutrient rich blood flowing to the tissue. This in turn can cause toxins to build up in the tight tissue, which stimulate pain receptors, causing more tension. Swedish massage is used to break this cycle so the muscle affected can heal properly.
Therapeutic Exercise: Muscle and postural imbalances need to be corrected in order to truly achieve health and wellness. If you alleviate the symptoms, but don't correct the imbalance, it's just a matter of time before the symptoms return. It's essential to eliminate the cause...More >>>

Hydro Therapy:
Heat and cold for therapeutic benefit is easy for patients to use at home. Heat encourages circulation, which means the area is bathed in nutrient and oxygen rich blood, while toxins and cellular debris are washed away...More >>>

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