Resistance / Weight Training

Resistance / Weight Training

Resistance training can be done with free weights, weight machines, therabands/resistance bands or your own body weight.

"Current research recommends that healthy persons of all ages and many patients with chronic diseases perform single-set

resistance exercise programs of up to 15 repetitions on a minimum of 2 days per week. Each workout session should consist of

8-10 different exercises that train the major muscle groups."

-Clinical Sports Medicine by Peter Brukner and Karim Khan, 2nd Edition 2001


Resistance exercise is designed to gain strength in the target muscle. There are many indications for strength training in

therapeutic exercise including correcting muscle imbalances, improving posture, recovering from injury, improving sport

performance and improving overall well being. Registered Massage Therapists often recommend specific exercises for

their patients, with one or more of these goals in mind. The following images, descriptions and instructions are intended to

be used as a reference for exercises prescribed to patients of Victoria Massage Therapy Ltd. Always consult a qualified

healthcare professional before starting a new exercise routine. If you experience any pain during of after an exercise you

should stop doing that  exercise and consult your RMT or another qualified healthcare professional.


Upper Body
Lower Body Core / Abs
Gluteals Engaging Your Core Wall Stand Exercise
Thighs / Quads Basic Crunch / Rectus Abdominus  
Hamstrings Oblique Crunch  
Inner Thigh / Adductors The Plank  
Demonstration of exercises by
 Shannon Van Ember
Person Trainer and Founder of





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