Rolled Towel Exercise

Rolled Towel Exercise

This exercise is used for relieving stress from the back of the neck and shoulders, encouraging good posture and practicing relaxation.

Roll up a small to medium side towel. It should be about 1.5 feet long for the average height person.  If you were to wrap your fingers

around it, they would just touch. Lay this towel on the floor and then position yourself on top of the towel, laying face up, with the towel

length wise along your spine from the base of your neck to your mid-lower back.

Make sure to keep your knees bent to prevent arching your lower back.


Let your head rest on the floor above the towel in a relaxed and slightly posterior position. Your shoulders should fall open around the

towel as it gently pushes your thoracic spine forward.


Breath deep into your abdomen and relax. Try to let all the tension leave your neck and shoulders.


This exercise puts the neck and shoulders into the opposite position of where they sit while you are on the computer or at your desk. It is

essentially a relieve position. You are allowing the muscles of the posterior neck and shoulders (Traps, Levator & Rhomboids) to relax in a

slack position. At the same time you are gently stretching the muscles of the anterior neck and chest (Scalenes, SCM, Pecs). These muscles

are over used and usually tight in office workers, students and anyone who spends a decent amount of time at a desk.


You can stay in this position for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Start out at a lower time increment, and gradually increase it. If you experience any pain,

dizziness or vertigo during or after this exercise, you should stop doing it immediately and consult your RMT.


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