Sharon Daly, Yoga Therapist

Sharon Daly, Yoga Therapist & Lifestyle Coach

Sharon Daly, Yoga Therapist in Victoria

Sharon is passionate about helping people put the joy back into their lives -- when stress, pain, dissatisfaction or setbacks have made life a struggle rather than a natural source of flourishing. She does this with a whole-person framework that looks at and works with different aspects of personal well-being. A substantial amount of research shows that actively attending to one's personal healing and wellbeing doesn’t just make individuals feel good it greatly affects their happiness, health, energy, relationships and productivity.

Sharon knows from personal and work experience that when one slows down, connects inward and listens to their body's wisdom, they’re directed toward greater vitality and fulfillment in their life “the way a flower turns toward the sun”. As a seasoned professional she is able to create a safe space for self-exploration, focused movement and moving forward in life. Her clients are often interested in healing their body mind and they value the idea of living well in their body and life.



Clients are encouraged to view themselves in the spirit of adventure — with a sense of curiousity, appreciation, experimentation and receptivity. This mindset allows one to be okay with ‘not knowing’, opening up internal space for new insights and unfolding possibility: that possibility of being better, being more of who they truly are.

Sharon's work with clients rests on four cornerstones:

·         People are naturally creative, resourceful and capable of growing whole.

·         People are multi-layered beings with a capacity to tap into and integrate the wealth of information available from their whole self, not just the rational brain.

·         The human body is a foundational pathway into one’s inner self and a resource for learning and transformation.

·         Simple changes in the way people see themselves and in their daily routines can change their whole life — they become what they practice.

In her own life, Sharon calms her mind and revitalizes her body through meditation, yoga and activities in nature (hiking, cycling, X-country skiing, camping, gardening or walking along beaches or in local neighbourhoods). These are three things that, without fail, get her out of her head and help her feel happier, energized and connected with life. She has also learned the importance of having clearly defined daily renewal rituals, focusing on what and who matters, doing what she really enjoys and is good at, and savouring life’s pleasures. She comes back to the basics for simplifying her life, over and over again.

Sharon has been passionate about movement, adventure, outdoor activities and fitness from a young age. She has enjoyed sharing her experience of yoga with others and continues to explore body-based transformational processes that optimize wellbeing. Sharon has close to 15 years of combined personal practice and professional work experience in yoga and yoga therapy, and facilitating one-on-one and group self-inquiry processes for optimizing health and wellbeing. She has received professional certification in Positive Psychology Coaching with Positive Acorn, Mindfulness-Based Psychosynthesis through the Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, the IAYT Accredited Integrated Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy programs, and Life Coaching Skills with the Certified Coaches Federation. As a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher, she has multiple yoga trainings and taught yoga full time for 10 years. Sharon graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University, and spent over 10 years as an environmental planner in the public and private sectors.

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