Certified Testimonials & Reviews
Jan.27/13 Marta Re: Verena McCrae
From the beginning, Verena made me feel very comfortable about facial rejuvenation.During my first treatment it was hard to believe I could be so relaxed, but Verena's skill and experience in applying the needles made me feel completely calm and at ease. I left feeling energized and my skin was radiant. Without hesitation, I would recommend Verena to anyone seeking acupuncture treatments.  She is knowledgable, friendly and professional and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for her patients.
Jan.6/13 Pat Carlson Re: Alexandria Miller
Well, alexandria was very professional and attentive she answered all my questions and was non rushed
Dec. 27/12 Jennifer Ridley Re: Dr. Watkins
Dr.Watkins is attentive, caring, and non-judgmental. My first experience meeting her was great!
Nov. 19/12 Misha Dillon Re: Dr. Watkins
Great office. Dr. Carrie Watkins is a caring, professional and knowledgeable naturopathic doctor with great bedside manner. I highly recommend her.

Nov.14/12 Adrian Nyland Re: Kasey Thompson
Loving the service. Kasey really cares.

Nov.14/12 Louise Houston Re: Kasey Thompson
I have been seeing Kasey Thompson for several years now. She is by far the best RMT I have ever come across. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in her healing approach. In addition, Kasey is extremely professional and has proven herself to be a exceptionally capable businesswoman. Congratulations on this business venture! Wishing you much success.

Nov. 14/12 Kimberley Kadas Re: Dr. Watkins
I've been to quite a few naturopaths in Portland, Oregon and was happy to find an excellent one in Victoria. Dr. Watkins is knowledgeable yet accessible. The office is conveniently located downtown and provides a comfortable atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this place.

Nov.11/12 Greg Stewart Re: Cassandra Zinkowski
I hurt my back compressing a disk in late September which resulted in significant pain and lack of mobility. I could hardly walk, sleep or think when that happened. A friend referred me to Cassandra Zinkowski. In the past 8 weeks I am feeling better than I did before I was injured thanks to Cassandra. She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely engaged in the services she has provided to me. When I need additional health services she will be the one I come to. I very much appreciate all she has done for me.

Nov. 14/12 Sarah Stewart Re: Kasey and Matt
Kasey and Matt are the best RMTs I've ever had the fortune to work with. After years of living with sometimes debilitating chronic back pain and making costly visits to many, many different kinds of professionals, Kasey solved my problem within two visits and I've never experienced that kind of pain since (that was five years ago). Kasey and Matt are both extremely skilled practitioners who focus both on treatment and on education for preventative care. I recently moved out of Victoria, and wish I could have brought them with me!
Apr. 2012: Anonymous Patient
My acupuncture treatments with Verena are relaxing and extremely helpful in terms of pain and symptom relief. Verena really listens to me when I explain aspects of my health that are bothering me and that I am seeking help with. She's able to tie together things I wouldn't necessarily connect and provides a treatment that zeroes in on the problem. I have been very impressed by Verena's ability to incorporate various styles of acupuncture, her superior bedside manner and her skill in relating to me as a patient.

Acupuncture Testimonial Jan 2012: Bonnie
"I have been receiving facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments from
Verena for the past 1 ½ months. Every treatment has been nothing short of amazing! She is an extremely perceptive practitioner, always seeming to intuitively know what needs to be done to get the results I’m looking for. In addition to her excellent skills as an acupuncturist, her warm and friendly personality provide for a treatment that feels safe, reassuring and comforting.
I am a 57 year old woman, and I was at a function last night where I received numerous compliments such as “You look like a million bucks” and “Bonnie, you look amazing. How do you do it?” I feel that we are just getting started, so am surprised that people are already noticing. I can hardly wait to see what results another month will bring! On top of the exterior “improvements” that are occurring, my body always gratefully receives the extra boost to all of my internal organs and tissues. It’s hard to find words to describe the joy-filled “relief” experienced once the treatment begins. Verena goes above and beyond to treat all elements of my being – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. She gives advice when it is called for, and holds me accountable for my actions. I truly can’t recommend her high enough."

Athletic Therapy May 2012: David Sandell
“For ten years Sandy’s professional expertise and approach (to exercise rehab) has helped me cope with a progressive neurological condition. Her analysis, explanation, choice of exercise, adjustment of challenge have all been consistently correct and very beneficial. My general health and wellbeing have greatly improved. Sandy is motivating with her cheerful approach and I am very appreciative of the significant help she has given me”.

Apr 2012: P.F.
"Thank you to Kasey for her patience with my booking & being so helpful...I discovered your business through Groupon. Kasey was so helpful and terrific. Acupuncture session ~ Verena was just an amazing technician. And , a wonderful individual which added to the positive experience. The session was informative, relaxing and very, very helpful. Plus - I went away from the treatment feeling incredibly relaxed ~ I had never had acupuncture prior to the session with Verena. I immediately felt confident because of her professional and calming demeanour. Any uncertainty I had about acupuncture is now gone. Again, thank you for the great service and experience."

Feb 2012: Maureen Duncan
"Please pass along my thanks to Rob Marrison for a great massage today. He was able to address my areas of concern and his technique was extremely thorough, pin pointing specific problems.
My plan is to monitor my progress and re book as needed. Plus, I’m delighted to recommend him to friends, family and

Mar 2011: Caroline Fuzi
"Kasey has been one of the best RMT's that I have been to. She has been able to identify the right plan of action for me that worked right away. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an excellent RMT."

Mar 2011: H.M.
"When you find the best massage therapist you have ever experienced, you stay with her! I have tried many RMT's over the years and I can honestly say that none of them even compares to Kasey. Not only does she help heal your medical issues, she helps clear emotional blockages, healing hands!"

Mar 2011: Anonymous Patient
"I always feel energized when I leave Kasey and feel thankful to have her work on me."

Mar 2011: Anonymous Patient
"Kasey was wonderful at seeing me on short notice when I had a bad kink in my neck. It was a great experience and really addressed the source of pain."

Mar 2011: L.O.
"I have had many massages, both sports and spa, and never have I had so much care and attention to my specific issues."

Mar 2011: Darryll
"Kasey does a great job with any aches and pains I may have and doesn't stop at massages. Her advice on stretches and exercises I can do at home have made a world of difference in my overall health."

Mar 2011: Maureen Hinz
"Although Kasey was unable to completely cure the tightness in my shoulder and lower back, she referred me to someone else. I very much respect her for that.

Feb 2011: M.C.
"Great service, relaxing yet very therapeutic."

Feb 2011: L. Ferguson
"Kasey is very good at listening to feedback during a massage and transferring it to the body in a way that gives me the most benefit for my time."

Feb 2011: Deborah Pepper
"The massage therapy services I received at Victoria Massage Therapy, while I was living in Victoria, were the best I've received. I felt more relief of pain and stress than I have before or since. I only wish I was close enough to continue to receive regular treatments, but relocated out of province. My RMT went above and beyond and I am so glad a friend recommended Victoria Massage Therapy.

Feb 2011: Anonymous Long Time Patient
"For deep intuitive massage therapy, Victoria Massage Therapy is the gold standard."

January 2011: Anonymous New Patient
"My RMT at Victoria Massage Therapy was very professional and explained her treatment for me very well. I felt I got health care rather than just a massage. Thank you."
Jan 2011: Leigh
"Beyond giving very relaxing massages, Kasey used her expertise to suggest changes in my workout routine and also demonstrated exercises that have helped me reduce lingering muscle soreness. I highly recommend Kasey."
June 2010: Alyssa Weninger
"It has been the greatest priviledge to receive the sponsorship and support of Kasey Thompson at Victoria Massage Therapy. Elite sport requires the same devotion to recovery and preventative maintenance as it does to actual training.
Kasey's professional approach and knowledgable expertise are key ingredients for my athletic recipe in success! Only with a healthy body, energetic spirit and focused mind can I maximize training to attain my goals. With her treatments, Kasey's generosity of energy and time working with me, I have a huge advantage in reaching the highest level of competition!"
Alyssa Weninger
Goal: Canadian Women's Olympic Rowing Team
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