Yoga Therapy: Yoga Therapy in Victoria

Yoga Therapy in Victoria

 Yoga Therapy in Victoria  

Yoga Therapy in Victoria offers a holistic approach to optimal health recovery and wellbeing that uses a broad range of yoga-based tools and self-inquiry. It layers techniques that promote calmness and stability in the body mind system, with guided introspection to invite connection to one’s inner self. Facilitating deeper self-awareness is paramount, and is a catalyst for the work that happens outside sessions to support real change.

As a Yoga Therapist in Victoria, Sharon works with clients in changing patterns and attitudes that inhibit healing and health, and creating patterns and attitudes that support it. An understanding of the relationship between the physical, psycho-emotional, social, environmental and spiritual is viewed as vital to the change process.

It’s natural to want to first look at and address the more tangible physical issues. Mind body techniques and focused inquiry are used to promote relaxation, relief from chronic tension/pain, as well as healthier breathing patterns and posture. Included are simple, yet effective yoga skills that do not require a yoga mat, or the practice of postures. Yoga is well known for it’s positive effect on the nervous system; important for facilitating healing and a calm mind.


The physical is also used as a lens to look into and uncover root causes of imbalance and suffering. Through embodied awareness – the process of sensing into what’s happening internally – clients can gain an understanding of what’s behind the issues expressed in the body. It also allows for the release of emotional and physical tension plus access to a wellspring of hidden inner resources for mobilizing change. Out of this fuller awareness, clients are more easily moved to embrace meaningful strategies that nourish physical and emotional health, a resilient nervous system and a better quality of life.


Who Benefits from Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is well suited for addressing persistent lifestyle, postural or stress-related complaints, rather than acute maladies or traumas. The clients I work with are often looking for a holistic, natural approach for optimizing health recovery and personal growth. I support clients who:

  1. Struggle with stress, anxiety, fatigue, low mood or overwhelm and want to feel better, reduce stress, relieve chronic tension and find inner peace,
  2. Experience recurring aches and pains and are looking for a comprehensive way to release tension and live better in their body,
  3. Want renewed confidence in their body and their ability to make good choices for themselves based on their needs in the moment,
  4. Feel stuck or confused around a life issue and want to get in touch with what is meaningful and true for their life.

Sharon's clients have a desire to live well, are willing to make changes and take an active role in their healing and health. Building self-awareness and the integration of simple practices into daily life moves one toward health and increased energy, clarity, productivity and sense of overall wellbeing. Clients often report feeling more alive, centered, grounded, and generally less stressed with enhanced life enjoyment and self-compassion. They also walk away with skills that bring more ease and balance into their daily life, and less reactivity.

“There is one thing that, when cultivated and regularly practiced, leads to deep spiritual intention, to peace, to mindfulness and clear comprehension, to vision and knowledge, to a happy life here and now, and to the culmination of wisdom and awakening. And what is that one thing? It is mindfulness centered on the body.” — Gautama Buddha


New Year Yoga Therapy Promo Package

Initial Assessment (90 min) & 2 Follow-up Sessions (60 min): 25% off (savings of $70) = $210 plus GST


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