New Year Yoga Therapy Promo Package
Initial Assessment (90 min) & 2 Follow-up Sessions (60 min each): 
25% off (savings of $70) = $142.5 plus GST
About Yoga Therapy
Lifestyle Renewal Program Promo Price
Initial Foundation Session (2+ hours) & Five (5) Follow-up Sessions (60 min):
50% OFF Promo Price: $342.50
Regular Price $685 Savings of $342.50
About this program

To arrange a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and evaluate if the program is a good fit for you please Contact Sharon Daly, Yoga Therapist & Life Coach


New Year Athletic Therapy Package A
1 Hour Session & 2 30 Min Follow Up Sessions
Reg: $190.47
Promo: $142.84 (Savings of $47.63) 
New Year Athletic Therapy Package B
1 Hour Session & 2 45 Min Follow Up Sessions
Reg: $228.57  
Promo: $171.42 (Savings of $57.15)
Valid with Justine Aichelberger, AT only


 We are a team of health care professionals that provide Registered Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Yoga Therapy in Victoria, BC. Our convenient location in the Yarrow building is ideal for busy professionals living or working downtown. In our care, you have access to a comprehensive health management team. The cumulative knowledge, skills, treatment techniques and experience of our practitioners allow us to address a wide variety of health concerns. Some of the most common  include: 
   Back & Neck Pain
Weight Loss Hormone Imbalance
Detoxification Adrenaline Fatigue
Digestive Wellness
Fertility Diet Management
Skin Care Boosting Immunity
Sport Injury
We have a professional approach to proactive and preventative health care. Our philosophy is to treat the cause of your ailment, rather than merely cover up your symptoms with a band-aide solution.
Our practitioners use a wide variety of assessment and treatment techniques to pin point the cause of your ailment. We focus on symptom and pain relief, nutritional counseling, rehabilitative exercises, skin care, preventative care as well as stress relief, energy balancing and enhancing sport performance. Our services are appropriate for people of all ages, lifestyles and fitness levels. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care and give you the tools, advice and resources you need to live happy and healthy.
Some practitioners are available as early as
7am and as late as 8pm, for your convenience.
Direct Insurance Billing is Available for:
Veterans Affairs
Canadian Forces
Pacific Blue Cross
Please call for details
We have switched to a new online booking/operating system called Jane App as of Jan.16/16. If you are an existing patient, you should have received a link via email to set up your new username and password. You will also need to fill out a digital health history form, to replace your paper copy.

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